LSPD apply - Aymel Khan

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LSPD apply - Aymel Khan

Post  Aymel_Khan on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:14 pm


Real name: Aymel

Age: 12

Country: England

how long have you been playing SAMP ?: 1.5 years

Do you posses any law enforcment knowledge:? yes from my other server

if. yes what?

Pullover traffic stops codes kidnapping use of radio and proper way to jail a suspect

Description about you (150 words atleast)?:

I am a officer from librety city and will like to move to LSPD and begin a new life as LS has been better and will try and get better.
Nice happy helping person very smart


Name: Aymel_Khan

Age: 25

country United states

phone nr: 5849

22 Palimino creek
Why would you like to become an LSPD Officer ?:
As i said id like to join from LCPD to LSPD and will like to transfer and earn a good reputation

Do you fully hold a driver license?:

Rate yourself

1-10 Scale
9-10 Driving
6-10 shooting
9-10 Roleplayer


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